How Will Bankruptcy Affect a Cosigner


When you have a cosigner on any of your debts you are both 100% liable for the outstanding debt.  Having a cosigner on an account allows individuals with lower income or credit to obtain additional credit.  Typically, creditors will not take any action against cosigners until you fall behind on payments.  But how does filing…

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Bankruptcy Options for Individuals

bankruptcy options

Individuals whose debts are primarily consumer debts have four options when considering filing for bankruptcy relief.  There are pros and cons to each case.  The particular facts of your current situation are important to make known to your attorney in order to make sure you file under the correct chapter.  The four bankruptcy options afforded…

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Online Credit Counseling Course

credit counseling

When looking into filing for bankruptcy protection there are two credit counseling courses you need to complete.  The first course is to complete a credit counseling course.  You file this certificate along with the other initiating documents in every bankruptcy case.  Before you receive your discharge order you must complete a debtor education course.  You can…

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Follow Ohio Estate Attorney on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t have to waste time – use it to educate yourself! Most of us waste time everyday on Facebook. But you can gain a lot of useful information by checking out Ohio Estate Attorney’s posts.  If you enjoy this blog, “like” Ohio Estate Attorney on facebook.  It’s all the Ohio Estate Attorney offers here on this blog plus interesting…

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Discharging Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

discharging tax debt

Have you ever heard the statement “tax debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy”? Luckily that assumption is not entirely correct and relief may be available. Non-dischargeable taxes includes debts for unpaid property taxes and any debts associated with unpaid income taxes, due within the 3 years immediately prior to filing bankruptcy. Requirements of Dischargeable Tax Debt…

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Make the Most of Your Free Bankruptcy Consultation

picture of road with blog title

The following items will help me get to know you so that I can analyze your bankruptcy case as quickly as possible.  This, in turn, will provide more to answer your specific questions during the free consultation.  The items requested are not meant to overwhelm you and should not stop you from seeking legal advice.  If you…

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Keeping Your Tax Refund When Filing Bankruptcy

picture of wallet with blog title

Benjamin Franklin is attributed with the saying that nothing is certain except death and taxes.  And while little can be done about the certainty of death, I can help you maximize the money that stays in your pocket by utilizing your tax refund exemptions when you file for bankruptcy. On the date you file for bankruptcy,…

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Debunking Commonly Asked Bankruptcy Myths

picture of mountains with blog title

When you are considering filing bankruptcy you will hear all kinds of bankruptcy myths – information which is half-true, misleading or outright false. Bankruptcy tales vary and grow with lore each time they are told. Here are some of the most common myths that I have heard: I will lose everything that I own if I…

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Median Family Income in Ohio as of May 15, 2015

median family income

A term you might often hear when discussing or researching information about bankruptcy is “median family income.”  If you do not know what this means you are not alone.  However, the Median Family Income  in Ohio amount is very important when trying to figure out how you can file for bankruptcy protection. A calculation that is…

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Home Ownership – Buying a Home After Bankruptcy

picture of house with blog title

One concern clients have when considering filing for bankruptcy protection is whether they will ever be able to obtain credit in the future.  Buying a home after bankruptcy is a goal of most clients; however, a lot of patience may be needed.  Bankruptcy can help put you in a position to get the assets you desire…

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