Are You Filing Bankruptcy Again?

filing bankruptcy

There should be no shame in filing bankruptcy more than once.  Bad things happen to good people.  It is hard to tell when major financial crises will affect you and your family.  However, if you file too soon you may not be eligible to receive another discharge. There is no harm in filing bankruptcy again.…

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Preparing for Your Bankruptcy Consultation

bankruptcy consultation

Your initial bankruptcy consultation is an important time to learn about the process and to get answers to your questions.  Filing for bankruptcy relief is an important decision you have to make.  Bankruptcy can help turn your financial life around.  There is a lot of information you will need to put together and provide your attorney.…

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Using the Homestead Exemption?

homestead exemption

What is your homestead exemption?  The majority of homeowners that file bankruptcy do not want to lose their home.  People ask questions all of the time about what will happen with their house after the filing of a bankruptcy case.  When you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the Trustee assigned to your case takes control of all of…

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How Will Bankruptcy Affect a Cosigner


When you have a cosigner on any of your debts you are both 100% liable for the outstanding debt.  Having a cosigner on an account allows individuals with lower income or credit to obtain additional credit.  Typically, creditors will not take any action against cosigners until you fall behind on payments.  But how does filing…

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Bankruptcy Options for Individuals

bankruptcy options

Individuals whose debts are primarily consumer debts have four options when considering filing for bankruptcy relief.  There are pros and cons to each case.  The particular facts of your current situation are important to make known to your attorney in order to make sure you file under the correct chapter.  The four bankruptcy options afforded…

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Stopping Contact from Debt Collectors

debt collectors

Your creditors can be relentless.  As soon as you fall behind on the first monthly payment your phone begins to ring.  If the creditors do not have success collecting their debt they turn these accounts over to debt collectors.  Now you receive additional phone calls on top of letters in the mail.  How can you get these companies to leave…

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Online Credit Counseling Course

credit counseling

When looking into filing for bankruptcy protection there are two credit counseling courses you need to complete.  The first course is to complete a credit counseling course.  You file this certificate along with the other initiating documents in every bankruptcy case.  Before you receive your discharge order you must complete a debtor education course.  You can…

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Locating Your Bankruptcy Court

bankruptcy court

Ohio is split into two federal court districts: the Northern district and Southern district.  Within each district there are multiple Bankruptcy Courts.  There might be a clear distinction as to what district you file your case in.  Example: if you live in Cincinnati you file in the Southern District.  However, what specific court within the…

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Ohio's Simultaneous Death Act

simultaneous death act

What happens to an estate when a husband and wife die at the same time?  How do you handle the property of each estate?  Ohio Revised Code § 2105.32 states that there has to be clear and convincing evidence of one person surviving another for 120 hours in order to inherit property.  What if  you cannot…

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New Median Family Income Numbers

new median family income numbers

What is the Median Family Income? A term you often hear when discussing or researching bankruptcy is “median family income” and “means test.”  If you do not know what this means you are not alone.  It can be quite confusing.  However, the median family income amount is very important.  The new median family income numbers…

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