Median Family Income for Cases Filed On or After May 1, 2017

The Median Family Income in Ohio amount is very important.  It determines whether you qualify to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  It also determines the length of your repayment plan in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case.  The current monthly income test looks at the average gross family income for the six months before you file your case.…

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Are You Facing an Eviction?


Eviction Basics A landlord commonly files an eviction complaint when a tenant fails to make their rent payment. According to your state law there could be other statutory reasons for an eviction filing. When the landlord files an eviction complaint the presiding court will set a court date.  This first date is for a hearing…

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What is Included in Your Chapter 13 Plan?

chapter 13 plan

Your New District Wide Chapter 13 Plan On December 1, 2016 the Bankruptcy Courts for the Southern District of Ohio instituted a new district wide Chapter 13 Plan.  There are three court locations in this district: Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton.  Before December 1, 2016 all three court locations used different versions of the Chapter 13…

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Essential Estate Planning Documents

estate planning

Estate planning is the process where an individual decides what will happen with their property upon their death.  Your estate is made up of all of the property that you own.  Estate planning is not just for the elderly or wealthy.  No matter how much or how little property you own, you still need to plan ahead.  No…

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Transfer-On-Death Designation Affidavit

death designation affidavit

When planning for the future one thing to think about is how to transfer any real property that you own.  Your estate will incur additional costs and fees if you fail to properly plan ahead.  Costs like probate filing fees, administration costs, attorney fees can be very pricey.  Creating a Transfer-On-Death Designation Affidavit is one way to help avoid…

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Potential Pitfalls of Debt Consolidation

debt consolidation

Many bankruptcy clients have sought the help of debt consolidation companies prior to filing for bankruptcy relief.  Debt consolidation can be handled in numerous ways.  You might take out a loan to pay off multiple accounts.  Or you might contact a company that will negotiate will all of your creditors on your behalf.  The creditors…

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Vicious Cycle of Payday Loans

payday loans

Payday loans are an easy way to get cash when money is tight before your next pay day.  However, these loans can create vicious cycle of borrowing money that some people can never stop. What is a Payday Loan? Payday loans help holdover an individual until their next pay day.  Typically a lender will will…

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Are You Filing Bankruptcy Again?

filing bankruptcy

There should be no shame in filing bankruptcy more than once.  Bad things happen to good people.  It is hard to tell when major financial crises will affect you and your family.  However, if you file too soon you may not be eligible to receive another discharge. There is no harm in filing bankruptcy again.…

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