Are Reinstatement Fees Keeping You From A Valid Driver's License?

reinstatement fees

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Reinstatement Fees

Are these reinstatement fees preventing you from obtaining a valid driver’s license?  If so, one way to address this issue is to file bankruptcy.

A driver’s license suspension can happen for a number of different reasons.  (getting a DUI/OVI, having multiple traffic violations or speeding tickets, or owing a debt that resulted from an automobile accident.  The reinstatement fees resulting from a suspension need to be paid in full before you can get your license back.

When the Court or the BMV imposes a license suspension the individual likely suffers a hardship.  The person owing the debt will typically have a tougher time paying the fees.  This is because they will have a harder time getting to and from work since they lost their ability to drive.  Often times judgments against a driver can be hundreds or thousands of dollars.  One starts to wonder if a valid driver’s license will ever be a possibility.  Thankfully, bankruptcy can provide immediate relief for a driver facing this situation.

Ohio Revised Code § 4510.10(H) states “reinstatement fees are debts that may be discharged in bankruptcy.”  Bankruptcy offers an excellent alternative to people needing a valid driver’s license.  Once you file your bankruptcy case you simply submit a copy of your bankruptcy petition to the BMV, and they will remove the reinstatement fees from your record.

One exception to keep in mind is that “any debt” arising from the death or personal injury caused by the debtor while unlawfully operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is not a dischargeable debt.