Make the Most of Your Free Bankruptcy Consultation

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free bankruptcy consultationThe following items will help me get to know you so that I can analyze your bankruptcy case as quickly as possible.  This, in turn, will provide more to answer your specific questions during the free consultation.  The items requested are not meant to overwhelm you and should not stop you from seeking legal advice.  If you have problems obtaining any of the requested items, it’s ok, still schedule a free consultation for bankruptcy, probate or financial planning.

  1. Recent pay-stubs and last 2 years tax returns.  We need to determine your average income for the six months before your case is filed.
  2. At least two of your three credit reports.  You can obtain your credit reports once a year for free.  I always recommend looking through the reports to familiarize yourself with the debt that is listed.  If you notice bills/creditors that are missing from the reports please bring those bills with you to your free bankruptcy consultation.  I also want any letters or bills that the creditor may have sent you asking for payment (they have different addresses), and any collection letters on each account.
  3. Lawsuits.  In order to be aware of any pending legal action and determine what immediate actions are necessary bring copies of any lawsuits, judgments, garnishments, etc. to your free bankruptcy consultation.
  4. Anything else you are concerned about or want to ask a question about.  If you have received additional documentation, a threatening collection notice, or any other document that is causing you stress, bring it with you.  I will review it and put your mind at ease.